Case study of 62 year old male with slightly elevated cholesterol levels.

Completely healthy not on any medication.

Eating a rather fatty diet with cream and full-fat milk and LOTS of butter, plenty of cake and biscuits ETC.

About a year ago my cholesterol levels were at 7.5, GP thinking it a bit high.

I then started to take a mixture of different Terpenes, approx  60 drops a day about 4 to 5 times a week.

Last week 11/05/2020 I bought a cholesterol level test kit and I got rather surprised when it turned out that my cholesterol levels were below detectable levels. The machine works fine on other people so its not broken and I did the test twice.

Yes NO cholesterol whatsoever.

Also tested glucose levels: Normal.

Uric acid: Normal

Monday the 22/05 I will get a complete blood test done by GP.

Clearly I overdid the Terpenes so now i`m off Terpenes until a healthy level of cholesterol has returned.

I will then test it on a regular basis and report the results here.