Autism spectrum ASD

Terpenes and Autism.

There is no cure or even help for people in the autism spectrum and there’s currently no medication to treat it.

However there is now a 100% natural combination of Terpenes called Relaxol that has been proven to help people with Autism, Asperger`s and OCD

This is very new but the feedback I have been getting  so far is nothing short of AMAZING.

How a Terpene Protocol Can Help
Utilizing Terpenes with ASD individuals has been incredibly rewarding in my experience with my costumers.
Terpenes aids in making the connections at the synaptic level.
Leveling out the amygdala allowing for focus and reducing the chaotic rate of brain activity.
Calming the brain centers that control thought and reasoning and allowing for a more normal synaptic activity at cellular level.
Aggression or selfharm is quite frequent unfortunately and my Terpene mix greatly reduces this tendency.

Terpenes and Autism

Terpenes have shown to give people with Autism, Asperger’s and OCD a greatly improved quality of life.

This participial mix of pure natural 98% concentrated Terpenes are proving to be must useful in restoring balance and order in the otherwise fast firing Autistic brain.

This is the feedback so far:
18 year old boy with severe autism.
Major changes overall.
Sleeping much better.
Calmer and takes more in, not walking off at any time like he use to.
Better eye contact and more talking more, much more tolerant of people and will go a chat to people now, something he wouldn’t do before.
No more temper tantrums, which were quite bad.
He’s stopped wetting the bed etc she prob wouldn’t tell u that but he was terrible, it was desperate stopped all that soiling himself too.
He’s 18 you see so it was awful but he’s so much better.
No longer soiling himself so no need to change beds and clothe or to bring fresh clothe when going out shopping etc.
22 year old boy Asperger’s and OCD.
Huge changes.
Going out more, after a couple of days he was saying: I want to go to the movies, that’s never happened ever before.
Use to very depressed but no longer on antidepressants, much happier.
Sleeping better no more like a walking zombie.
His OCD is much better.
Sleeping better no longer pacing the floor at night so well rested and feeling much better and is in much better for for his college lessons.
Overall so much improved and higher quality of life than before Terpenes.
Cancer terpenes.