Phytochemical therapy.

Terpenes  cancer therapy.


The following  is meant to inform only, please note i`m not making any claims that this will cure your cancer but if I was in that situation I would look in to this seriously.

There are hundreds of studies done that give clear indisputable proof that Terpenes can and will kill cancer.

You make up your own mind as to whether the following information  is something you will act on.

My role is that I make the information and the natural remedies available according to your needs.
If you have a particular type of cancer you need information about please contact me and I will do the relevant research and I will forward the information to you so you can make an informed decision of how you want to proceed.

I have 36 different Terpenes available and 20 of those has been proven to be able to kill cancer cells on a cellular level.

Terpenes are what is commonly used in Chemo, but as we know it, when used that way they have a lot of undesirable side effects.

Natural Terpenes works the same way just without side effects.

Terpenes has been proven in studies to be effective in killing many different types of cancer.

If your new to Terpenes and cancer therapy please read the below studies showing what effect  Terpenes can have on cancer cells.

See studies ref below.

Terpenes should be combined with Curcumin and Nano emulsion Turmeric essential oil, need both in combination for max uptake.

Using a system called Nano emulsifying I provide Berberine that is 300% more bio-available than if you just take Berberine powder.

Min dose: Mix of 20 cancer Terpenes + 3 x Turmeric powder 500mg +3 Turmeric oil +3 x 500mg Berberine capsules a day.

High dose: Mix of 20 cancer Terpenes + 6 x Turmeric powder 500mg +6 Turmeric oil 6 X 850mg Berberine capsules a day

Terpenes and Berberine has an outstanding safety profile.

If your on medication and want to start taking high doses of Berberine please read this and do your own research:

I will strongly recommend that you take full spectrum CBD oil at the same time.


Piperine 95%  will be added to all  Terpene mixtures to aid in bio-availability.

20 different cancer killing Terpenes form part of the cancer killing strategy.

Price for cancer Terpenes standard dose: 30ml. take 2 size 000 capsules a day (a month supply) Eur 135

Price for cancer Terpenes High dose: 60ml. 4 size 000 capsules a day (a month supply) Eur 270

Also with a proven record of killing cancer are the following that I would strongly recommend that is taken with the Terpenes.

That way the cancer is being attacked from as many angles as possible.

In addition to the Terpenes are I recommend the following.


Berberine 1000mg a day

Curcumin powder 1000mg a day.

Turmeric essential oil 1000mg a day

Quercetin 1000mg a day

Black Cumin oil 1000mg a day

Ginkgo Biloba 500mg a day

Ferulic acid  1000mg a day

Tannic acid. 2 or 3 g a day.

Retonic acid 40mg a day

Cost 75 Eur for a month supply of 180 capsules.

If you prefer to buy those 9 ingredients yourself to keep the cost down, I can give you links where to get this.


What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are what you smell in a plant.

Terpenes are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers.

Terpenes are very concentrated 98% therefore very powerful.


Is cancer in your genes?

Revolutionary Discoveries About The Cancer Genome

  1. Scientists looked at cancer cells from different people with the same type of tumor and discovered the mutational signatures of cells were so immensely different that they appeared to occur completely at random.[11-13]
  2. Scientists also looked at the genomes of cells from within the very same tumor, but instead of finding a distinct series of mutations that could explain carcinogenesis, every cell was found to have its own unique set of mutations.[14-18]
  3. Metastatic cancer cells were also analyzed, and researchers found their genetic defects were completely different than the genetic defects in cells of the original tumor.  Time and time again, the story was the same: not a single gene mutation – or any combination of mutations – was found to be absolutely responsible for initiating the disease.[

Here are just a few of the hundreds of research articles done on Terpenes.

There are hundreds of studies done to proof that Terpenes can and will kill cancer.

Do your own research on:


Findings from various laboratory studies have shown that phytochemicals have the tendency to do the following actions.

1. Acts as a supplement to boost immune system

2. Helps to arrest carcinogens forming substances that we consume.

3. Helps to decrease inflammation that stimulates cancer growth.

4. Helps to stabilize unstable molecules that can trigger cancer5. Help in hormone regulation

6. Fight against carcinogens from attacking healthy cells

7. Prompt damaged cells to self-destruct (autophagy) before reproduction.

8. Slows down the growth rate of carcinogens.

9. Helps to put a stop to DNA damageIn addition, they significantly reduce the risk of many cancers [8]

10.Reduced incidence of neoplasia induced by chemical carcinogens

11. Preventing nitrosation of susceptible secondary amines and amides to form highly potent carcinogenic nitrosamines and nitrosamides in our foods

12. Inhibitors of kinases by reducing hyper proliferation of Epithelial cells

13. Induction of carcinogen detoxification

14. Inhibition of tumor cell proliferation

15. Antimicrobial effect, Free radical scavenging (Antioxidant effect)

16. Inhibition of DNA adduct formation9. Induction of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest10. Modification of carcinogen and tumor metabolism


Shows the major pathways targeted by Terpenes in inducing apoptosis in cancer cells


Terpenes Cancer.

Showing the major signaling pathways targeted by phytochemicals in cancer.


Neuroprotective Role of Phytochemicals


The Retinoic Acid Receptors and their action


Simple explanation of how Terpenes works to kill cancer cells.

Schematic representation of carcinogenesis model.
 In step 1, 2 and 3 various carcinogen and reactive oxygen species ROS entering the cell.
Step 4: the entered carcinogen causes genetic mutations that leads to cancer initiation.
Step 5: interference of carcinogen and ROS with cellular proteins, enzymes and growth factors.
The attack of carcinogen and ROS on DNA, proteins and enzymes of a normal cell.
Step 6: transformation of normal cell into cancerous cell.
Step 7: Proliferation of cancer cell.
Step 8: Tumour cell.


Step 9: Different bioactive compounds isolated from different plant materials.
Step 10: Application of bioactive compounds on cancerous cell.
Step 11: Either cell become normal after phytochemical therapy.
Step 12: Or phytochemicals causes apoptosis in cancerous cell.


Terpenes have not only been shown to exert biological activities that are a far cry from any single chemotherapeutic drug but have also exhibited little or no toxicity.
These phytochemicals have been found to induce a wide spectrum of activities such as reduction in oxidative stress, suppression of inflammation, induction of apoptosis, regulation of cell cycle, inhibition of cell proliferation and also modulation of multiple signal transduction pathways.
Phytochemicals, Terpenes  have drawn a considerable amount of attention due to their ability to selectively kill tumor cells and suppress carcinogenesis in preclinical animal models.
A large number of these plant-derived substances have been shown to significantly prevent or delay cancer development in several high risk populations.
Mounting evidence, based on in vitro experiments and studies involving animal models as well as humans, support potential chemopreventive and therapeutic effects of diverse phytochemicals in cancer.


Important reading:

Plant-derived anticancer agents: A green anticancer approach.

Long list of artickles:

Advances in the study of Berberine and its derivatives: a focus on anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects in the digestive system.

The following has also been proven to kill cancer cells so I recommend that its taken together with Terpenes.


Tannic acid

Nigella sativa oil

Curcumin powder


Cancer research articles
There are hundred of studies done to proof that Terpenes can and will kill cancer.